WiFi, or wireless networking as it should be referred to, is a technology that is actually much older than most people think. First modified by a professor at the University of Hawaii named Norman Abramson, the act of transmitting data over the air was first achieved via HAM radio in 1971, though the technology that made it work was pretty rudimentary by our standards today.

Due to the huge expense of the equipment that was required to make a HAM setup work, wireless technology and the routers that made it run would sit on the shelves until the mid-90’s when various formats and wireless frequencies were being proposed as the standard for the band that wireless internet would occupy.

In this days, the internet is the most important requirement of this whole world as everything revolves around the world of internet. For both recreation and work purposes, the internet has been used and utilized. Every educated person uses this facility for different purposes. It can be for reading or sending emails, working, social networking, researching, paying or gaming etc. There is a list of things only possible by using the internet. A revolution in business industry demands all time usage of internet for every work they do is through the internet. The Internet has this biggest advantage of connecting people from different corners of the world which results in better communication and better chances for the business industry to grow. People living far away can be contacted and be in touch just because of the internet. People often get questions like why are gaming monitors so expensive, but we came across this roundup of best gaming monitors which comes under 200 and which gives incredible experience.

Most of the people migrate from their native place for the purpose of job or studies. The Internet has made everyone’s life easy, especially the migrants because they can have a video calling and see the family whenever they miss each other.

Advantages of Wireless Routers


Nothing can be more convenient than using a wireless router. The absence of wires eliminates the hassles associated with wired connections. You can connect a different device to the network avoiding the inconvenience of connecting devices through the wire. A lot of connections are irritating. Handling the tangles and mess requires extra effort. Even maintaining them is a job. Wireless routers need no such stuff. If you are wondering what are the best routers to buy, you can check out this roundup of best routers.


Wireless routers encourage movement. You do not need to sit in one place and carry on your work. Cabled connections limit your movement. Using the best router under 100 will allow you to move freely within the area of the network with your device.

Multi connections

When using wired connections, you usually can operate only one device at a time. To connect more than one device, you will need additional cables and equipment. When it comes to wireless routers, multi-connections get easy. You can connect more than one device to the wireless router and enjoy multi-connections at one time. This way you can conduct multiple operations at a time. There is a different IP address for every device connected to the same network. This ensures the secure connection to the Internet. Whatever gadget you are using whether mobile phone or a laptop, you can have easy access to the Internet.

Technology up to date

With rapid advancements in technology, time will come when wired connections will get obsolete. Wireless routers work on a mechanism of radio waves. In this day and age, everything is done over the Internet. Having a wireless router will become a necessity in later times. Obviously, you do not want to use technology that is out of date.

Disadvantages of Wireless routers


Wireless networks are typically inexpensive, but it can cost up to four times more to set up a wireless network than to set up a wired network in some cases. So a less budget person need to think ten times before connecting.

Security and speed

Wireless networks can be accessed by any computer within range of the network’s signal so information transmitted through the network (including encrypted information) may be intercepted by unauthorized users. Wireless networks are typically slower than wired networks, sometimes even up to 10 times slower.

Coverage and dependability

The range of a wireless network is limited and a typical wireless router will only allow individuals within 150 to 300 feet to access the network. Wireless networks are extremely susceptible to interference, therefore, radio signals, radiation and any other similar type of interference may cause a wireless network to malfunction.


The only problem with the internet today is that you need a provider. Once upon a time, the internet connection was a single connection connected to the computer which would allow only the computer user to use it. So the rest of the family had to wait for their turns. This type of connection asked for a lot of waiting. Buying a new computer would simply double the cost which is not affordable. And now with the invention of wireless routers, the benefits of the internet can be easily enjoyed by everyone.

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