Personalized Recommendations From Social Data In 3 Steps

Authintic Bridge™ Wondering what to do with your millions of Facebook fans? Bridge them to your CRM database using our social registration app. Autofill completes details like name, email, date of birth and interests from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with one click for a frictionless sign-up experience. Fans are more likely to complete the process and brands get accurate updated behavioral content.

Authintic Transform™ You don’t need more data. You need it to work for you. Our data scientists employ technology to find ways to amplify homophily, contagion, and influence among brands’ fans. Use this tool to learn from and use the social data. Functionality includes: guiding highlights to improve marketing performance; audience detail exploration three variables deep; performance metrics per module; and drill-downs for trend analysis and insights discovery.

Authintic Recommend™ Amazon credits much of their own success to their recommendation engine. But even if you had their level of purchase, ratings, and click path data–and the data scientists to make sense of it all–what would you do with it? You can’t customize 3 million messages. But technology can for you. We use predictive analytics to your social data to automatically serve a personalized message to each fan through social or email, guiding them toward brand-defined behaviors and higher conversions.